ZL9117M Digital DC/DC PMBus 17A Module

Added on April 23, 2012
The ZL9117M variable output, step-down PMBus-compliant digital power supply with all the passive components required for integrated power solutions.


Video Transcript

Hi my name is Nattorn Pongratananukel I'm here at APEC 2012 and we are demoing the ZL9117M power module, digital power module. So, the key benefit of this module is the high integration that we have combined with the digital power technology from Intersil. So in this demo I connect two evaluation boards together so that they can come up, stop start together. In the screen as I enable the path you see a waveform rise together at the same time. After this, I will artificially delay one channel after the other. So we can look at the GUI here.

So what I have done is delay the second channel five milliseconds from the first. Now we will look at the waveform after I enable it. We can see that the second channel now start up five milliseconds later than the first channel. And the last thing I want to show you with our power module is the snapshot feature. So, this snapshot feature is where you can ask the power module to save data as it encounter a fault condition.

According to the snapshot reading of the second channel we can see that the reading is normal. And the fault that I plan to create is to raise the input voltage from five volt to six volt and let the second module shutdown. From the eval board, we can see that the id line shut down and from the scope, we can see the output of the second shutdown. While the first channel is still running. From the GUI, we will see that as I read this it will report the last operating condition that second module has. If you want to learn more about the ZL9117M go to intersil.com/powermodule website. Thank you very much.