TW6872/74 HD-SDI Video Transmitter/Receiver

Added on December 08, 2014
Intersil Introduces the highly integrated TW6872 and TW6874 HD-SDI video transmitter/receiver at the 2014 China Security Show.

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Video Transcript

So this is the introduction to Intersil's HD-SDI receiver and transmitter devices. As a family we've introduced two new parts, this TW6872, which is a transmitter device that supports the three HD-SDI data rates of 270, 1.5, and 3 gigabits per second. We've also introduced a quad receiver which receives four channels of HD-SDI data, so the same data rates as the transmitter, 270, 1.5 and 3 gigabits. In addition these devices also port longer distances over traditional SDI devices. We have input, a Dirac compression capability, that will compress the HD video down to 270 megabits per second. With that, we're able to more than double the distance of traditional HD-SDI transmissions.

The devices also include support for audio, both analog and digital audio. Dirac compression is a SMPTE standard. We follow their standard for compressing HD video down to SD video data rates. The key advantage of this is distance, and because of that distance we're able to get over 300 meters of distance on good quality cable. But we also get an advantage when we use lower-cost cabling or address the existing cable in an existing infrastructure, and try to run it over older or aged cabling. When we do that, we're still able to get quite a bit of distance out of these devices that other HD-SDI devices without compression would be unable to achieve. And with that, we're able to support the upgrades of infrastructure. And because this is a digital transmission, all the data that's coming out of your camera system is bit-accurate and bit-perfect.

Dirac compression is known to be a visually lossless compression. And that means you're unable to distinguish in live video that there are any differences between what was uncompressed versus the compressed video. You are unable to see the visual differences. This means you get renderings of exactly what your camera is capable of delivering all the way to the DVR.

So as part of the introduction to the Intersil HD-SDI devices, we also offer an evaluation board. As an example, for the transmitter, the TW6872 device, we have a complete reference design that will support just the TW6872, showing how to interface that device to your camera module, your ISB, or for other applications where you need transmission as well. But the reference designs are complete with schematics, PCB layout, recommended designs, and all the components necessary. While this device is simple, it also requires very few external components. We also have an equivalent board for the TW6874 device, the quad receiver, which has the same daughter card motherboard arrangement, where we have four connections, and allows you to prototype with that. So it's just you can implement your own DVR quickly and easily, but the devices are complete and ready to go.