LED LCoS Pico Projection

Added on April 23, 2012
See Intersil's LED pico projection solution unveiled at CES 2012.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Daryl Chamberlin. I'm the marketing manager for the pico projector, a product group within the Intersil corporation. Today I want to talk to you a little bit about some of our reference designs for our pico projectors. Specifically, we have two reference designs, one is an LED-based reference design. This right here is the actual unit, this is called the ISL97901 pico QHD reference design. It's actually using a Micron optical module which you see right here which is a 4 cm3 module, very tiny and small enough to fit into even a cell phone or any embedded application.

The electronics board is designed by Intersil and it incorporates a variety of Intersil components including power management ICs, a type of video decoder an LED driver specifically designed for direct topology, as well as optical sensors and a battery charger. So this board is a self-contained fully functional system unit. So everything that you need to have a pico projector system is provided in this reference design: the optics plus the electronics.