ISL8126 Dual/n-Phase Buck PWM Controller

Added on April 23, 2012
ISL8126 integrates two voltage-mode synchronous buck PWM controllers and can be used for dual independent outputs or a 2-phase single-output regulator.

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Oct 2017

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Mar 2018


Video Transcript

Hello, I am Pengju Kong. I'm now in APEC 2012 to demo our Intersil product ISL8126.

Here we have two evaluation boards: one for 12-volt input and 2 output. One is 3.3 volts and the other is 1.2 volt. And we have another evaluation board for the two face and one output. The input of this IC can be up to 26.5 volt and the output can be 26 volt, 1.2 volt, 5 volt, 12 volt, or even higher.

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