ISL1903 Dimmable Buck LED Driver

Added on April 26, 2013
Intersil discusses the ISL1903, dimmable buck LED driver with AC mains or DC input led driver at APEC 2013.

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ISL1903 Datasheet ISL1903 Datasheet

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Video Transcript

APEC 2013 - Long Beach, CA

My name is George Liang. I'm here attending 2013 APEC Conference in Long Beach. One of the products I like to talk about is our ISL1903 LED lighting solution.

This reference design uses our ISL1903 LED driver controller IC. It has high power factor, higher than .95, it also has very low total harmonic distortion smaller than 20%. It's flicker free. It also have a capability to set up dimming off and on control to improve multiple lens performance matching.

The dimmer ranges from 0-100% with both leading-edge and trailing-edge dimmer. It has excellent current regulation, it has built-in protection features to include open loop protection and short circuit protection to ensure the LED will be highly protected.