ISL1902 Dimmable LED Driver IC

Added on April 23, 2012
Intersil's AC/DC and DC/DC controller ICs simplify led lighting and improve led driver efficiency.

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ISL1902 Datasheet ISL1902 Datasheet

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Nov 2017


Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Ray Pilukaitis. I'm a Field Applications Engineer for Intersil. I'm here to talk to you today about LED lighting. I'm here at the APEC conference.

This is an example over here of one of our products. The power supply is built into the box down here and we have a standard off-the-shelf wall dimmer. We can come up...We can bring it up to the full brightness or bring it nice and smoothly down to very low dimming level. And other switching power supplies that do this function require special dimming circuits in order to achieve it. Our product works with a wide range of dimmers. We've tried it out with 60 off-the-shelf dimmers. It's a very effective solution.

LED lighting is taking off in the industry, and we have a family of products that's designed to meet the needs in that industry. A few of the major issues with powering LEDs is A) coming up with a good cost-effective solution that can do power factor correction, and B) coming up with a solution that can work with a range of dimmers, especially ones that are off the shelf and readily available.

Our solution that we have for LED lighting has power factor correction in the range of 99% power factor and uses a critical conduction mode topology in order to achieve this. But it does this in a single stage so that makes the solution very cost-effective for our customers. The second thing it does is has a built in circuitry which resolves many of the issues that people have been trying to deal with when they're working off of a wall dimmer with a TRIAC. And typically with the LED power, there is trouble trying to dim the LEDs to a very low level, so our solution will allow dimming down to 1% all the way up to 100%.

It's also a very flexible solution. In addition to being able to dim from a wall dimmer, where it uses a chopped AC in order to generate the LED driving current, it can also work from an external control signal or it can work from external PWM signals. It can do the LED dimming by either this PWM method or by just controlling the current and dropping it down in level.

The other features it has are it supports isolated as well as non-isolated topologies and also has several other features such as in-rush controls, so that when we get these high DV/DT spike coming in from the AC line when you're using it with a dimmer, we can have in-rush control during that time span. And then the resistor used for that in-rush control shorted out in order to make it a more efficient solution.

For more information on this product, feel free to contact us at Thank you very much for your time.