Company Overview

Added on May 07, 2015
This brief video provides an overview of our power capability and impact on end devices in certain markets.


Video Transcript

Intersil's transformation began in 2013 as we refocused on our core competency and power management. Today more than 60% of the company's revenue is generated from power applications. There are few problems as universal and acute in our industry as managing power.

Consider the global efforts to reduce energy demands. The billions invested to identify greener approaches to the most power hungry applications. The reliance on mere constant mobile connectivity and a voracious worldwide appetite for data streaming and storage and you will see a power problem of enormous magnitude.

You may find though the solutions to these big problems can be quite small. So small in fact you can hold them on your fingertip. Intersil has the talent, trade secrets and the intellectual property to solve many of the most challenging power management concerns our customers face. Enabling us to win in this $10 billion semiconductor market. The innovations we are working on every day provide the incremental improvements in energy efficiency that add up to big savings system by system. For example, as PCs have morphed into laptops and now ultrabooks, as cell phones have evolved into smartphones, and tablets have emerged bridging the two, Intersil's foundational technology is at the heart of achieving the battery savings required in these space constrained formed factors.

Intersil's creative integration of functions enables us to deliver an improvement from 85% efficiency to over 90% efficiency, translating to up to an hour of extra battery life. On a larger scale, electricity consumption of data centers is rising exponentially. According to industry estimates, digital warehouses worldwide use about 30 billion watts of electricity, roughly equivalent to the output of 30 nuclear power plants. With a data center consuming the power of a medium sized town every bit of power efficiency counts. Intersil has developed advanced dc to dc converter technology for servers and networking equipment to improve load transient performance resulting in power savings that multiply over each line card.

In fact, Intersil is one of very few companies with the ability to provided customers with real time information about the power usage of their systems, enabling a level of optimization unprecedented in industrial and infrastructure applications. And then there is the car. The evolution of the automobile is second only to the mobile phone in terms of its impact on the semiconductor industry.

Ten percent of Intersil's revenue is generated from the automotive industry. The company is an established leader in rearview camera video signal processing, and Intersil is one of the few companies able to provide solutions for the new 48 volt battery standard. Intersil has also been able to deliver a 10% improvement in efficiency in hybrid and electric vehicles, which adds up to an additional one year of battery life. With few problems as universal and acute in our industry as power management, Intersil's technology is at the center of many of the most important innovations coming in electronics. We remain focused on fully harnessing the potential of power.