ISL884X Family

High Performance Industry Standard Single-Ended PWM Controllers
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Use the following table to identify which Intersil PWM controller will best meet the needs of your next project:

Device Characteristic ISL8840A ISL8841A ISL8842A ISL8843A ISL8844A ISL8845A
UVLO 7.0V 7.0V 14.4V 8.4V 14.4V 8.4V
MAX Duty 96% 48% 96% 96% 48% 48%
Startup Current 90uA
VREF Accuracy +1%-1.5%
Gate Drive 1A
Current Sense Prop Delay 35ns
Fsw Range Up to 2MHz
Error Amp BW 1.5MHz
Temp Range -40°C – 105°C
Minimum Duty 0%
Package SOIC8 or MSOP8
About Intersil High Performance PWM Controllers

Intersil's family of flexible single-ended current mode pulse width modulating (PWM) controllers is designed for a wide range of DC/DC conversion applications including boost, flyback, and isolated output configurations. With fast signal propagation and output switching characteristics, these products are ideal for existing and new designs.

Features include 30V operation, low operating current, 90µA startup current, adjustable operating frequency to 2MHz, and high peak current drive capability with 20ns rise and fall times.

Family Values

  • -55°C - 125°C Military Temperature Grade Available
  • Small Package
  • Best Reference Accuracy
  • Least Current Sense Delay
  • Wide BW Error Amp


  • Telecom and Datacom Power
  • Wireless Base Station Power
  • File Server Power
  • Industrial Power Systems
  • PC Power Supplies
  • Isolated Buck and Flyback Regulators
  • Boost Regulators