ISL674X Family

Double-Ended PWM Controllers
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Use the following table to identify which Intersil PWM controller will best meet the needs of your next project:

Device Characteristic ISL6740 ISL6740A ISL6741 ISL6742 ISL6744A ISL6745A
Control Mode Voltage Voltage Peak current Voltage or peak current 50% free run Voltage
Voltage Feed Forward External Internal Not required Adjustable NA External
FET Drive Voltage/Current 5V/0.5A 5V/0.5A 5V/0.5A VCC/10mA VCC/1A VCC/1A
SR Control No No No Yes No No
Output Current Sense No No No Yes No No
Current Limit Method Hiccup with adjustable shutdown delay Hiccup with adjustable shutdown delay Pulse by pulse with optional hiccup Pulse by pulse and/or average constant current limit Pulse by pulse with delayed hiccup Pulse by pulse with delayed hiccup
Internal Error Amplifier No No No Yes No No
UVLO 7.25V 7.25V 7.25V 8.75V 6.3V 6.3V
Frequency Sync Input Yes Yes Yes No No No
Fault Indicator Yes Yes Yes No No No
About Intersil Double-Ended PWM Controllers

Intersil's high performance double-ended pulse width modulating (PWM) controllers are suitable for both current- and voltage-mode control methods and designed for a wide range of power conversion applications using half-bridge, full bridge, and push-pull configurations.

Family Values

  • Full Family to Support All Double-ended Topology
  • Flexible Control Modes
  • Reliable Protection Features
  • Unique Output Current Sense Feature
  • Optimized/Adjustable Dead Time Control


  • AC/DC Power Supplies
  • Bus Converters
  • DC Transformers
  • File Server Power
  • Half-Bridge and Full-Bridge Converters
  • Industrial Power Systems
  • Line-regulated Bus Converters
  • Telecom and Datacom Power
  • Wireless Base Station Power