Intel IMVP8 CPUs Power Solution

The Ultimate Power Combo for 2-in-1s, Ultrabooks and Tablets

Based on patented technology, the new ISL95852 PMIC reduces board space by 50%, and the new ISL95521 battery charger extends battery run-time. The ISL95852 PMIC and ISL95521 combo battery charger are part of a family of power management solutions behind the most efficient mobile devices on the market.

Our power saving solutions for 2-in-1s, ultrabooks and tablets feature the ISL95852 highly integrated power management IC (PMIC) and the ISL95521 battery charger. Both devices meet Intel's IMVP8 specifications to support its new "Skylake" 6th Gen Intel Core processors. The ISL95852 and ISL95521 leverage the patented R3™ modulation technology, which delivers best-in-class light load efficiency, superior regulation accuracy and fast dynamic response, resulting in better system power management and longer battery life.

ISL95852 VCore PMIC

The ISL95852 is the industry's most integrated Vcore PMIC for IMVP8 platforms. Its 4mm x 4mm size and high switching frequency enable the use of small external inductors and capacitors to reduce board space by 50% compared to discrete solutions.

Key Features

  • Highly integrated power management IC for Intel IMVP8 CPUs
  • Three high frequency integrated FET switching regulators produce core processor, graphics processor and system agent voltage rails
  • Extensive fault protection for over-current, over-voltage, under-voltage, and over-temperature with alert signal
  • I2C bus allows system fault monitoring, enable control, configurable GPIO and output voltage offset programming
  • PROCHOT# and PSYS monitoring delivers system power information from AC adapter or ISL95521 battery charger to ISL95852 PMIC where it’s digitized and sent to CPU

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ISL95521 Combo Battery Charger

The ISL95521 is the industry's first Hybrid Power Boost (HPB) and Narrow VDC (NVDC) combination battery charger. Its charge current accuracy of 1.2% is 4x higher than competing solutions, and extends battery run-time while enabling faster system test and calibration.

Key Features

  • Pin configurable as HPB charger or NVDC charger enables AC adapter to provide system power in turbo mode
  • Protection features include PROCHOT# and PSYS indicator for system low voltage, adapter over-current, battery over-current, system overheat, adapter/battery current limits
  • SMBus programmable limit settings with adapter/battery current monitors and 1.2% high accuracy extends battery run-time
  • NFETs actively control inrush current to prevent FET damage
  • Prevents system crash and memory loss: the adapter instantly takes over the system load when battery pack is removed during turbo and learn mode
  • 16 switching frequency options from 350kHz to 1MHz allows use of smaller, lower cost inductors

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ISL95908 Peripheral PMIC

The total IMVP8-compliant power management solution, which also includes the ISL95908 peripheral PMIC, powers up the CPU/GPU, battery pack, and subsystem peripherals: flash memory, USB, HDMI, audio, sensors, camera module and WiFi.

Key Features

  • Highly integrated power management IC
  • Efficient 1MHz integrated FET switching regulators
  • Internal compensation, no external compensation
  • Computer system platform voltage regulators 5V, 3.3V, 1.8V/2.5V, 1V, 0.975V, 0.9V
  • Programmable VR3 and VTT regulators for memory (DDR3/L/U, LPDDR3 and DDR4)
  • Extensive fault protection
  • Independent power-good indicator for each regulator
  • Independent enable signals for each regulator for maximum sequencing flexibility
  • Low power consumption mode for connected standby

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