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Learn more about how Intersil's products can meet the needs of your designs by viewing our collection of product-specific and power related webinars.

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Learn more about how Intersil's products can meet the needs of your designs by viewing our collection of product-specific and power related webinars.

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Analog 101

This is an introductory technical overview of Intersil's analog signal path products. Signal path products include op amps, voltage references, digital potentiometers, rs-485/rs-422, data converters, switches, muxes, and rtcs.

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Noise in the Signal Chain

Learn more about how noise affects the performance of the signal chain and how to use Intersil's tools to help analyze noise that is present in semiconductors as well as noise due to signal processing in data converters.

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Digital Power Module

The ISL8272M high current digital power module intelligently monitors and controls power supply voltages, currents, temperatures and fault status, while dynamically optimizing system power efficiency on the fly.

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Featured White Papers

Using a Power Module vs. Regulator

When designing the power sub-system for infrastructure systems, many designers are considering using power modules over discrete power solutions. Which approach is best for your design based on tradeoffs between cost, design effort and performance?


How to Achieve a Stable Power Supply through Digital Control

New trends and changing requirements in the power management industry influence how we design power supplies. One requirement has been constant: the need for a stable power supply. Download this white paper to learn how to design a stable power supply. 


Integrating Brushless DC Motors with Li-ion Batteries

Because of their ability to extend operating time, both battery-powered and traditional motor driven products are moving to brushless motors and Li-ion batteries. Download this white paper for ideas on how to integrate this technology.

Benefits of Using Digital Power Modules

Digital power modules support the trend toward high-efficiency power conversion because of their flexibility, high integration and high reliability. This white paper explores the benefits and shows how to simplify the design of a high performance compact power supply.


Charging Supercapacitor Banks for Energy Storage

Supercapacitors are used as energy storage solutions in power management designs due to their physical characteristics that provide advantages over traditional batteries. Learn how to evaluate and select the best system configuration for backup energy storage.


Sensing Elements for Current Measurements

There are many choices of sensing elements to measure current to a load. No one sensor is the perfect solution because for every positive about a sensing element, there’s a drawback. This paper provides an in-depth analysis of three types of current sensing elements.

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