Precision Analog Products

High-Performance Solutions for Precision Signal Chain Design

Our broad precision analog portfolio provides for a wide range of next-gen precision instrumentation, medical, communication and industrial process control applications where innovation, reliability and dependability is central to the analog designs.

Industrial Precision Products

Intersil’s High-Performance Integrated Analog Solutions

Multi-cell Battery Management (MCB)

  • Intersil’s Li-ion battery pack monitoring, protection, and balancing IC
  • Ideal for packs from 3 to 12 cells, ensures pack safety and long run time
  • Built-in fault detection for open-wire, overvoltage, undervoltage, over-temperature, and cell mismatch. Meets stringent safety standards.
  • Example applications: power tools, generators, lawn mowers, vacuum cleaners, solar (charge, distribution), battery backup (UPS), military (handheld radios), e-bike/e-moto

Battery Management Systems »

Digital Power Monitors (DPM)

  • Simple integrated solution with digital output (I2C) with alerts
  • Measures voltage, current (high-side & low-side, bi-directional) and calculates power
    • Input common mode up to 60V
    • High accuracy (16-Bit ADC)
    • User defined alerts — OV, UV, OC
    • Additional features (margin DAC, voltage regulator, internal temp sensor, auxiliary channel)

Digital Power Monitors »

Featured Applications

Signal Path Products

Intersil’s High-Performance Analog Standard Products


  • RS-232
  • RS-485/422
  • I2C buffer
  • Dual protocol

Interface Products »

Instrumentation Amps

  • Micro-power 5V instrumentation amps down to 60µA
  • Various options for low to high gain capability
  • Excellent for low power, sensor modules
  • Excellent for low power, current sensing or monitoring

Instrumentation Amplifiers »

Precision Op Amps

  • Ultra low noise, low distortion op amps at 5V and 40V
  • 5V and 40V low drift, precision op amps
  • Excellent balance of power versus performance
  • Single-supply operation, rail-to-rail input/output

Operational Amplifiers »

Precision VREF

  • Excellent balance of power vs. performance
  • Among the industry’s best temperature drift and accuracy performances
  • Industry’s lowest power, low noise voltage reference offering

Voltage References »

Real Time Clocks

  • High accuracy (low drift) with low parts count
  • Power supervisory and backup management functions
  • 3-in-1 module — feature-rich RTC with onboard crystal and temperature compensation

Real Time Clocks »

Digital Potentiometers

  • Non-volatile and volatile
  • EEPROM endurance = 1M cycles, retains data for 50 years
  • Operate up to 125°C
  • 16 to 1024 taps
  • I2C/SPI/Up-Down/Push button

Digital Potentiometers »

Switches Muxes

  • Up to ±20V supply
  • Low RON
  • Low capacitance
  • Low charge injection
  • Overvoltage protected

Switches and Multiplexers »

Data Converters

Precision Data Converters

  • 24-Bit ∆∑
  • 12-Bit SAR

High Speed Data Converters

  • Comprehensive portfolio: 8- to 16-bits, 40 to 500MSPS

Data Converters »

High Speed Op Amps

  • Rail-to-rail voltage feedback amplifiers
  • Current feedback amplifiers
  • Slew rate enhanced voltage feedback amplifiers
  • High performance voltage feedback amplifiers
  • Differential line drivers/receivers
  • Fixed gain op amps

High Speed Operational Amplifiers »

Featured Applications

Why Intersil?

Reliable, Proven Supply Chain

Proven proprietary processes and package technologies, shipping over 1 billion ICs per year.

  • Strong technology development
    • Proprietary process and package technologies
  • Multi-sourcing strategy
    • Sourcing from multiple leading-edge semiconductor foundries & assembly/test partners ensures a steady product supply and reduced risk
  • Industry-leading quality & reliability metrics
    • Billion+ ICs shipped every year
    • Less than 1.0 DPPM (defective parts per million) and improving
    • Decades of experience handling military/space products and delivering world-class quality and reliability metrics
    • ISO/TS16949 and AEC-Q100
    • MIL-PRF-38535 compliant and 100% burned in

Complete Signal Chain Solutions

Intersil precision analog products are built on the latest technology. We offer a wide portfolio of general purpose analog building blocks targeted at precision signal chain design.

Assured Product Supply

Long life cycles ensure a steady flow of product, which gives your design longevity. Intersil still supports products that have been in production for more than 40 years.

Tools and Resources

Selection Guide

Precision Analog Products Precision Analog Products

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Intersil and Renesas: Power and Processors Intersil and Renesas: Power and Processors

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White Papers

Battery Management System Tutorial Battery Management System Tutorial

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Jan 2018

How to Monitor Sensor Health with Instrumentation Amplifiers How to Monitor Sensor Health with Instrumentation Amplifiers

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