2-Wire Bus Buffers

Intersil's 2-Wire Bus Buffers are designed to improve data transmission speed on SMBus or similar 2-wire serial bus interfaces enabling effective solutions for server systems and networking applications.

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Products Level Translation Enable Pin Ready Pin Accelerator Disable
ISL33001 No Yes Yes No
ISL33002 Yes No No Yes
ISL33003 Yes Yes No No

The ISL33001, ISL33002, ISL33003 operates at supply voltages from +2.3V to +5.5V at a temperature range of -40°C to +85°C.

About Intersil 2-Wire Bus Buffers

The ISL3300x I2C Bus Buffer familyovercomes high capacitive load to ensure data integrity. I2C bus buffers are often used to interconnect several PCBs across a backplane for board to board applications, such as server racks. With the long communication length on the cards and backplane, card connectors and large number of devices, it may be easy to reach the I2C 400pF limit for bus capacitance. By having the I2C buffer drive the backplane where most of the bus capacitance will be, the I2C transceivers will be isolated from the heavy capacitance. With the I2C buffer bus isolation, it is possible to drive up to twice the maximum bus capacitance of 400pF. When the low to high transition has reach a threshold, the on-board accelerators activate a constant current source to quickly drive the bus to the rail, enabling faster data rates on more heavily loaded bus and delivering a reliable signal.

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