Thermocouple and Strain Gauge Reference Design
Intersil Sensor Signal Conditioning w/ Renesas RL78 Microcontrollers

Intersil is demonstrating practical sensor solutions for thermocouple, pressure and strain gauges for industrial, medical and data acquisition applications. These solutions include a working sensor, signal conditioning circuits, and a Renesas microcontroller. The reference design and evaluation platform is intended for evaluation by circuit design engineers for early prototype development.

Pressure and Strain Gauge Sensor Solutions with an Renesas RL78

Intersil is demonstrating a bridge solution that is able to extract small sensor signal from a high voltage signal common mode of 10V or higher and perform signal conditioning (gain, filtering, and digital conversion) and feed it into a Renesas RL78 microcontroller for further digital processing. The Intersil solution highlights a 24-bit Low Noise Precision signal conditioning that includes the following complete analog-to-digital frontend: 40V Instrumentation Amplifier and ADC driver, 24-Bit Delta Sigma Converter, Low Noise Voltage Reference and others. Software interface is included for evaluation purposes.

Thermocouple Temperature Sensor Solution with an Renesas RL78

Intersil is demonstrating a K-type Thermocouple temperature sensor design with cold junction compensation circuitry. The signal conditioning circuit features Intersil’s leading a zero drift, chopper stabilized amplifiers, and a 24-bit low noise Delta Sigma Converter. The analog signal is processed by a Renesas RL78. Software interface is included for evaluation purposes.

Thermocouple and Strain Gauge Reference Design


  • Industrial
  • Intrumentation
  • Sensor Gain Amps
  • Precision Low Drift, Low Frequency ADC Drivers
  • Precision Voltage Reference Buffers
  • Thermopile, Thermocouple, and other Temperature Sensors Front-end Amplifiers
  • Inertial Sensors
  • Process Control Systems
  • Weight Scales and Strain Gauge Sensors

Software Download
  Title Size
ZIP Intersil/Renesas Thermocouple and Strain Gauge Software 23 kB
Application notes
  Title Size
PDF Intersil-Renesas-EV1Z User Guide 916 kB
Cookbook Series: Intersil & Renesas
  Title Size
Ic Pdf Cookbook:Thermocouple & Strain Gauge AFE with RL78/G13 496 kB

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Disclaimer: THIS MATERIAL IS PROVIDED ‘AS-IS’ FOR EVALUATION PURPOSES ONLY.  INTERSIL CORPORATION AND ITS SUBSIDIARIES (‘INTERSIL’) DISCLAIM ALL WARRANTIES, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND MERCHANTABILITY.  Intersil provides evaluation platforms and design proposals to help our customers to develop products. However, factors beyond Intersil’s control, including without limitation component variations, temperature changes and PCB layout, could significantly affect Intersil product performance. It remains the customers' responsibility to verify the actual circuit performance.

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