Rad-Hard Real Time Express™ Microcontroller

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Key Features

    • Electrically Screened to SMD # 5962-95635
    • QML Qualified per MIL-PRF-38535 Requirements
    • Fast 125ns Machine Cycle
    • 1.2µM TSOS4 CMOS/SOS Process
    • Total Dose Capability 300KRad(Si)
    • Single Event Upset Critical LET >120MeV/mg/cm2
    • Single Event Upset Error Rate <1 x 10-10 Errors/Bit-Day (Note)
    • -55oC - 125oC, 5V ±10% Operation
    • Single Cycle Instruction Execution
    • Fast Arithmetic Operations
      • Single Cycle 16-Bit Multiply
      • Single Cycle 16-Bit Multiply Accumulate
      • Single Cycle 32-Bit Barrel Shift
      • Hardware Floating Point Support
    • C Software Development Environment
    • Direct Execution of Fourth Language
    • Single Cycle Subroutine Call/Return
    • Four Cycle Interrupt Latency
    • On-Chip Interrupt Controller
    • Three On-Chip 16-Bit Timer/Counters
    • Two On-Chip 256 Word Stacks
    • ASIC Bus™ for Off-Chip Architecture Extension
    • 1 Megabyte Total Address Space
    • Word and Byte Memory Access
    • Fully Static Design - DC to 8MHz Operation
    • 84 Lead Quad Flat Package or 85 Pin Grid Array
    • Third Party Software and Hardware Development Systems NOTE: Single Event Upset error rates are Adams 10% worst case environment under worst case conditions for upset.


The HS-RTX2010RH is a radiation-hardened 16-bit microcontroller with on-chip timers, an interrupt controller, a multiply-accumulator, and a barrel shifter. It is particularly well suited for space craft environments where very high speed control tasks which require arithmetically intensive calculations, including floating point math to be performed in hostile space radiation environments.

This processor incorporates two 256-word stacks with multitasking capabilities, including configurable stack partitioning and over/underflow control.

Instruction execution times of one or two machine cycles are achieved by utilizing a stack oriented, multiple bus architecture. The high performance ASIC Bus, which is unique to the RTX product, provides for extension of the microcontroller architecture using off-chip hardware and application specific I/O devices.

RTX Microcontrollers support the C and Forth programming languages. The advantages of this product are further enhanced through third party hardware and software support. Combined, these features make the HS-RTX2010RH an extremely powerful processor serving numerous applications in high performance space systems. The HS-RTX2010RH has been designed for harsh space radiation environments and features outstanding Single Event Upset (SEU) resistance and excellent total dose response.

Specifications for Rad Hard QML devices are controlled by the Defense Supply Center in Columbus (DSCC). The SMD numbers listed here must be used when ordering.

Detailed Electrical Specifications for these devices are contained in SMD 5962-95635. A "hot-link" is provided on our homepage for downloading.


    • Space Systems Embedded Control
    • Digital Filtering
    • Image Processing
    • Scientific Instrumentation
    • Optical Systems
    • Control Systems
    • Attitude/Orbital Control


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