Drivers & Downloads

Digital Power

Download the latest version of the PowerNavigator™ software here. Previous versions of PowerNavigatior are also available in the PowerNavigator software archive.


TitleTypeUpdatedSizeOther Languages
CompZL Software v1.5.1
CompZL Software - PID compensation tool v1.5.1
ZIP ---- 59.25 MB
ConfigCheck Software v1.5.12
ConfigCheck Software v1.5.12 - used to verify which config file is loaded on a device
ZIP ---- 100.7 MB
PMBus Conversion Software Tool
PMBus Conversion Software Tool - convert Literal, VOUT_COMMAND, and PID hex to decimal
ZIP ---- 54.93 MB
ZLHLD Software v2.9
ZLHLD Software - convert text based config file to a hex file
ZIP ---- 119.19 MB
PowerPilot Software GUI
PowerPilot Software - GUI to create config files
ZIP ---- 435 KB
Production Configuration Utility v5.3.32
Production Configuration Utility software for quick loading and verification of config files into Intersil digital power controller/modules
ZIP ---- 64.84 MB

Drivers - Windows 7

TitleTypeUpdatedSizeOther Languages
PMBus Interface Install Guide - Win7 x86 and x64
Intersil PMBus interface installation directions for Windows 7 x86 and x64.
PDF Nov 20, 2014 786 KB
USB Drivers for the ZLUSBEVAL1Z
USB Drivers for the ZLUSBEVAL1Z Evaluation Board (Windows 7)
ZIP ---- 1.75 MB

Drivers - XP/Vista

TitleTypeUpdatedSizeOther Languages
USB Drivers for the ZLUSBEVAL1Z
USB Drivers for the ZLUSBEVAL1Z Evaluation Board (Windows XP/Vista)
ZIP ---- 167 KB


TitleTypeUpdatedSizeOther Languages
Digital-DC Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Digital-DC Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
PDF Nov 17, 2014 194 KB
Production Configuration Utility User Guide
User guide for production configuration utility software, version 1.0.10
PDF Mar 02, 2015 769 KB