Switching Regulators

Some of the key requirements of today's power management solutions include less power consumption under various load conditions, less space, high reliability and wide input voltage. These requirements are driving the need for highly efficient, wide VIN, low quiescent current (IQ) switching regulators in a broad range of applications.

Intersil offers a wide range of high performance switching regulators that operate with both synchronous and non-synchronous internal switches (FETs). Buck regulators (step-down) and boost regulators (step-up) operate with input voltages as low as 1.8V and as high as 60V and will generate output voltages as low as 0.6V.

We also offer buck-boost devices that can provide a constant output voltage with an input voltage range above and below the output voltage. The switching voltage regulators can switch with speeds as high as 4MHz, provide high efficiency up to 95% and also have light load efficiency modes. The parts can be configured in many different configurations buck, boost, flyback, inverting in isolated and non-isolated applications.

Featured Products

ISL911xx: Buck-Boost and Boost+Bypass Switching Regulators

The ISL911xx family of buck-boost regulators deliver industry-leading efficiency and 2x faster transient response to extend battery life in smartphones and tablets. More »

ISL85003A: Highly Efficient 3A Synchronous Buck Regulator

The ISL85003A and ISL85003 are highly-efficient, reliable and easy-to-use 3 amp synchronous buck regulators. More »

ISL85410/18/15: One Design Fits All

Intersil’s family of pin-to-pin compatible synchronous buck regulators support input voltages from 3V to 36V, with three output current options. More »

ISL91108/10/17: Give Your Battery a Boost

ISL911xx family of buck-boost regulators uses innovative architecture to extend battery life and prevent system brown-outs. More »

New Products: Switching Regulators

  • ISL91106
    High Efficiency Buck-Boost Regulator with 3.6A Switches and Bypass Mode
  • ISL91132
    High Efficiency 1.8A Boost Regulator With Input-to-Output Bypass
  • ISL91133
    High Efficiency 2.3A Boost Regulator With Input-to-Output Bypass
  • ISL91134
    High Efficiency 1.8A Boost Regulator with Input-to-Output Bypass
  • ISL91107
    High Efficiency Buck-Boost Regulator with 3.6A Switches
  • ISL78113A
    Low Input Voltage and High Efficiency Synchronous Boost Converter with 1.3A Switch

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