Analog Power Modules

Fully Integrated DC-DC Buck Regulators

Intersil's growing family of analog power modules provides users a fully integrated DC-DC switching buck converter in one package. Combining the controller, power FETs, output inductor and compensation circuitry in a single package minimizes both the external component count and complexity of converter design. With our improved packaging technology Intersil Power Modules achieve best in class thermal performance.

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Part Description VIN Range (V) VOUT Range (V) IOUT (A) Package (mm) Pin-to-pin Compatible
ISL8203M Dual 3A/Single 6A Step-Down DC/DC Power Module 2.85 - 6 0.8 - 5 6 23 Ld QFN (9x6.5x1.83)  
ISL8204M 4A, High Efficiency DC/DC Module 1 - 20 0.6 - 6 4 15 Ld QFN (15x15x3.5) ISL8204M, ISL8206M, ISL8201M
ISL8206M 6A, High Efficiency DC/DC Module 1 - 20 0.6 - 6 6 15 Ld QFN (15x15x3.5)
ISL8201M 10A, High Efficiency DC/DC Module 1 - 20 0.6 - 5 10 15 Ld QFN (15x15x3.5)
ISL8200AM Complete Current Share 10A DC/DC Module 3 - 20 0.6 - 6 10 23 Ld QFN (15x15x2.2)  
ISL8225M Dual 15A/Single 30A High Efficiency Module 4.5 - 20 0.6 - 7.5 Dual 15, Single 30 26 Ld QFN (17x17x7.5) ISL8225M, ISL8240M
ISL8240M Dual 20A/Single 40A Step-Down Module 4.5 - 20 0.6-2.5 Dual 20, Single 40 26 Ld QFN (17x17x7.5)
ISL8216M Complete High Voltage 80V, 4A DC/DC Module 10 - 80 2.5 - 30 4 22 Ld HDA (15x15x3.6)  


Full integration means less complexity and more ease of design


Power output up to 100W in a single package


  • Thermal molding compound allows for even heat distribution
  • Large copper pads transfer heat efficiently
  • Operates at full load across wide temperature range
  • Leaded package allows pin access


Versatile features such as soft start, fault protection and parallel module multi-phasing

Ease of Design

Intersil is committed to making it easy to design with Intersil parts. We offer OrCad schematic files, demo boards with common configurations already designed and tested.

Using Eagle CAD software? While Intersil provides OrCad schematic files for most parts, there are also many Eagle CAD libraries available for Intersil parts. Note: Intersil has not tested nor verified these Eagle CAD libraries; use at your own risk.

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Power Management Quick Selection Guide Power Management Quick Selection Guide

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Power Module Board Level Reliability Report Power Module Board Level Reliability Report

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