Power Modules

Intersil's power modules are complete DC/DC power solutions that reduce design time, lower cost and save board space. With a small form factor, high power efficiency and robust features such as digital control, current sharing and cascading up to six modules for high output power, these modules get you to market faster.

Power Module Analog

Analog Power Modules

Intersil's growing family of analog power modules provides users a fully integrated DC-DC switching buck converter in one package. Combining the controller, power FETs, output inductor and compensation circuitry in a single package minimizes both the external component count and complexity of converter design. With our improved packaging technology Intersil Power Modules achieve best in class thermal performance.

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Digital Power Module

Digital Power Modules

Intersil offers an expanding portfolio of highly integrated POL DC/DC power modules in an innovative QFN style package. Intersil’s DC/DC modules integrate most of the components required to build a DC/DC digital power supply into a single chip that offers reduced design cycle time, lower cost and PCB space savings.

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Featured Products

ISL8203M: Dual 3A/Single 6A Step-Down Power Module

The ISL8203M's compact solution size combined with industry-leading 95% efficiency provides a high performance, easy-to-use solution for low power, low voltage applications. More »

ISL8240M: Dual 20A/Single 40A Step-Down Power Module

ISL8240M Power Module delivers up to 40A of output current and up to 100W of output power from a compact 2.9 cm 2 footprint ideal for infrastructure and cloud computing hardware. More »

ISL8270M: High Current Digital Power Module

Now you can get all the advanced intelligence of digital power combined with the design ease of a module for 25A and 33A infrastructure applications. More »

ISL8225M: Dual 15A/Single 30A Step-Down Power Module

The ISL8225M is a fully-encapsulated step-down switching power supply that can deliver up to 100W output power from a small 17mm square PCB footprint. More »

New Products: Power Modules

  • ISL8271M
    Digital DC/DC PMBus 33A Module
  • ISL8270M
    Digital DC/DC PMBus 25A Module
  • ISL8203M
    Dual 3A/Single 6A Step-Down DC/DC Power Module
  • ISL8240M
    Dual 20A/Single 40A Step-Down Power Module
  • ISL8216M
    Complete High Voltage 80V, 4A DC/DC Power Module
  • ZL9010M
    Digital DC/DC PMBus 10A Power Module

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