100V/2A Peak High-Frequency Half Bridge Driver with TTL Logic Inputs

Typical Diagram

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Key Features

    • Drives N-Channel MOSFET Half Bridge
    • SOIC, EPSOIC, QFN and DFN Package Options
    • SOIC, EPSOIC and DFN Packages Compliant with 100V Conductor Spacing Guidelines of IPC-2221
    • Pb-free Product Available (RoHS Compliant)
    • Bootstrap Supply Max Voltage to 114VDC
    • On-Chip 1Ω Bootstrap Diode
    • Fast Propagation Times for Multi-MHz Circuits
    • Drives 1000pF Load with Rise and Fall Times Typ. 10ns
    • TTL/CMOS Input Thresholds Increase Flexibility
    • Independent Inputs for Non-Half Bridge Topologies
    • No Start-Up Problems
    • Outputs Unaffected by Supply Glitches, HS Ringing Below Ground, or HS Slewing at High dv/dt
    • Low Power Consumption
    • Wide Supply Range
    • Supply Undervoltage Protection
    • 3Ω Output Driver Resistance
    • QFN/DFN Package:
      • Compliant to JEDEC PUB95 MO-220 QFN - Quad Flat No Leads - Package Outline
      • Near Chip Scale Package footprint, which improves PCB efficiency and has a thinner profile


The HIP2101 is a high frequency, 100V Half Bridge N-Channel power MOSFET driver IC. It is equivalent to the HIP2100 with the added advantage of full TTL/CMOS compatible logic input pins. The low-side and high-side gate drivers are independently controlled and matched to 13ns. This gives users total control over dead-time for specific power circuit topologies. Undervoltage protection on both the low-side and high-side supplies force the outputs low. An on-chip diode eliminates the discrete diode required with other driver ICs. A new level-shifter topology yields the lowpower benefits of pulsed operation with the safety of DC operation. Unlike some competitors, the high-side output returns to its correct state after a momentary undervoltage of the high-side supply.


    • Telecom Half Bridge Power Supplies
    • Avionics DC-DC Converters
    • Two-Switch Forward Converters
    • Active Clamp Forward Converters


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