LED Drivers

Intersil offers a broad range of LED drivers for backlighting, automotive, and general lighting applications. Intersil backlighting drivers reduce component count and cost for tablet, notebook and TVs. They also improve efficiency and increase battery life for tablets and notebooks.

Intersil general lighting LED drivers are dimmable with triac and electronic dimmers. High power factor (PFC) with a single stage topology provides for a low BOM count.

Featured Products

Dimmable Buck LED Driver - AC Mains or DC Input LED Driver

The ISL1903 is a high-performance, critical conduction mode (CrCM), single-ended buck LED driver controller. More »

6-Channel SMBus/I2C or PWM Dimming LED Driver

The ISL97671A is a 6-Channel 45V dual dimming capable LED driver that can be used with either SMBus/I2C or PWM signal for dimming control. More »

4-Channel LED Driver with Phase Shift Control and Dimming Resolution

The ISL97687 is a PWM controlled LED driver that supports 4 channels of LED current, for Monitor and TV LCD backlight applications. More »

Compact 4-Ch LED Drivers with Phase Shift Control

The ISL97684 is a highly integrated 2-3-4-channel LED driver suitable for medium size TFT-LCD backlights. More »

White LED Driver with PWM Dimming

The ISL97634 represents an efficient and highly integrated PWM boost LED driver that is suitable for LED backlighting in small size LCD panels. More »

New Products: LED Drivers

  • ISL78171
    6-Channel, 50mA Automotive LED Driver with Ultra-high Dimming Ratio and Phase Shift Control
  • ISL97698
    High Efficient 2-Channel White LED Driver for Smartphone Backlighting
  • ISL97900
    RGB Buck-Boost 3-Channel Color Sequencing LED Driver
  • ISL1904
    Dimmable AC Mains LED Driver with PFC and Primary Side Regulation
  • ISL97692
    Single or Multiple Cell Li-ion Battery Powered 4-Channel LED Driver
  • ISL97694A
    Single or Multiple Cell Li-ion Battery Powered 6-Channel LED Drivers

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