Switch-Mode Isolated Power Supply

Intersil offers a wide selection of PWM controllers designed for switch-mode DC/DC and AC/DC power supplies requiring an isolation transformer, such as off-line AC/DC and -48V telecom-input DC/DC converters.

Reference & Evaluation Platforms

The ISL6740EVAL3Z serves as a reference design for a 48V to ±12V, 3.3V and 1.5V isolated power supply.
The ISL6726EVAL1Z board uses the ISL6726, an advanced current mode PWM controller, to implement control of an active clamp forward.
The ISL6745EVAL2Z evaluation board is a reference design for powering high brightness white LEDs.
The ISL6745EVAL1Z evaluates the performance of the ISL6745 PWM controller for telecom applications.
The ISL6841EVAL3Z evaluates the performance of the ISL6841 PWM controller for general purpose industrial applications.
Powered device portion of the Power over Ethernet (PoE) circuit for IP phones, WLAN access points, security cameras and RFID tag reader applications.
The ISL6721EVAL3Z eval board serves as a reference design for single switch resonant reset forward converter with multiple outputs for industrial...
The ISL6730x are voltage mode PFC controllers designed to drive cost-effective converters to meet input line harmonic regulations.
The ISL6745ALEVAL3Z is a low cost, high performance LED driver with pfc function, and is compatible with the widely used wall dimmers.
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