Battery Management Systems (BMS)

Intersil provides an entire range of battery management systems from input over voltage protection (OVP) to multi-cell balancing. Intersil's chargers address the needs of handheld devices, mobile internet devices (MIDs), laptops, power tools, and many others. This is accomplished with fully integrated solutions for compact applications and with charge controllers for higher power applications.

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Industrial Power Solutions Industrial Power Solutions

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May 2016

Infrastructure Power Solutions Infrastructure Power Solutions

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May 2016

Precision Analog Products Precision Analog Products

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Mar 2016

White Papers

Battery Management System Tutorial Battery Management System Tutorial

A beginner’s guide to BMS architecture, the major functional blocks and the importance of each block to the BMS.
Apr 2015

Understanding USB-C Buck-Boost Battery Charging Understanding USB-C Buck-Boost Battery Charging

This white paper examines how PC power architecture will change with USB-C adoption and explores different charging approaches.

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