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Learn how Intersil's power management technologies have transformed the semiconductor industry.


Intersil is the leader in power management expertise. Built upon an unrivaled heritage in advanced analog IC and multiphase power management solutions, Intersil delivers the industry's highest performance, most efficient, easiest to use and integrate, and consistently reliable power management systems. Our solutions meet the demands of today's most complex power system designs across the infrastructure, mobile, industrial, automotive and aerospace markets.

Intersil is leveraging a deep portfolio of intellectual property and a history of design and process innovation to add intelligence, mobility and true energy efficiency to the latest electronic devices. The company has developed market leadership technology in power management and supplies a full range of power IC solutions including battery management, computing power, display power, regulators and controllers and power modules.

Intersil's digital and analog controllers, power modules and switching regulators provide a comprehensive set of solutions to the end customer. By building on to technology developed for computing applications, Intersil provides superior power management systems to a much broader set of applications. Intersil is one of the few companies with not only low power, low voltage, high-efficiency solutions, but also higher cell count voltage, higher-power, high-efficiency solutions and advanced packaging techniques.


Featured Products

ISL95906, ISL95908: Highly Integrated PMICs for Ultrabooks & Tablets

The ISL95908 highly integrated power management ICs (PMIC) delivers eight voltage rails for new Intel IMVP8™ platforms, and the ISL95906 provides eight power rails for VR12.6™-compliant systems. More »

ISL8272M: First Fully Encapsulated 50A Digital DC/DC Power Module

The ISL8272M complete step-down power supply is a high current digital power module solution intelligently monitors and controls power supply voltages, currents, temperatures and fault status, while dynamically optimizing system power efficiency on the fly. More »

ISL8002B: 2A/5.5V Compact Synchronous Buck Regulator

The ISL8002B is a highly efficient, monolithic, synchronous step-down DC/DC converter with output tracking and sequencing for FPGAs and microprocessors. More »

ISL8203M: Dual 3A/Single 6A Step-Down Power Module

The ISL8203M's compact solution size combined with industry-leading 95% efficiency provides a high performance, easy-to-use solution for low power, low voltage applications. More »

New Products: Power Management

  • ISL91106A
    High Efficiency Buck-Boost Regulator with 3.6A Switches and Bypass Mode
  • ISL95901
    Wide VIN Dual Integrated Buck Regulator With 4A/4A Continuous Output Current and LDOs
  • ISL95908
    Integrated Power Management IC For IMVP8 Platforms
  • ISL95906
    Integrated Power Management IC for VR12.6 Platforms
  • ISL95520
    Hybrid Power Boost (HPB) and Narrow VDC (NVDC) Configurations Combo Battery Charger With SMBus Interface
  • ISL80020A
    Compact Synchronous Buck Converter

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