Ambient Light Sensors

Intersil’s ambient light sensors can adjust a display’s backlight, which improves user experience and power savings by optimizing the display’s viewability. Their ultra low light sensitivity, low power consumption, ideal spectral response, and easy to use simple output algorithm make them best-in-class. We offer a full suite of light-to-analog and light-to-digital solutions to suit your applications requirements and budget.

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Industry's Most Accurate, Lowest Power and Smallest RGB Digital Light Sensor More »

ISL29035: Integrated Digital Light Sensor with Interrupt

The ISL29035 delivers best-in class angular response and sensitivity across light sources. More »

ISL29028A: Low Power ALS & Proximity Sensor with Intelligent Interrupt and Sleep Modes More »

The ISL29028A is an integrated ambient and infrared light-to-digital converter with a built-in IR LED driver and I2C Interface (SMBus Compatible).


ISL29038: Low Power Ambient Light and Proximity Sensor with Enhanced Infrared Rejection More »

Low power Ambient Light Sensor (ALS) & proximity (PROX) sensor with a built-in IR-LED driver for proximity function


New Products: Ambient Light

  • ISL29125
    Digital Red, Green and Blue Color Light Sensor with IR Blocking Filter
  • ISL29035
    Integrated Digital Light Sensor with Interrupt
  • ISL29120
    Digital Output, Low Power, Red, Green, and Blue Color Light Sensor
  • ISL76671
    Low Power, 100 Lux Optimized, Analog Output Ambient Light Sensor
  • ISL29033
    Ultra-Low Lux, Low Power, Integrated Digital Ambient Light Sensor with Interrupt Function
  • ISL76683
    Light-to-Digital Output Sensor with Gain Selection, Interrupt Function and I2C Interface

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