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High performance and precision infotainment, EV/HEV and display ICs focused on environment, safety, connectivity and affordability for the automotive market.

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About Intersil Automotive ICs

Intersil has invested in key technologies to address the current mega trends within the automotive market such as environment, safety, information and affordability. This effort has resulted in leadership positions in high performance power conversions, state-of-the-art precision analog, cell balancing and battery charging ICs, power-efficient class D audio amplifiers, and highly flexible TFT display controllers. 

Intersil offers both standard and AEC-Q100 qualified products for automotive applications. 

Four ways Intersil makes cars smarter

  • SAFETY: See behind your car within 500 milliseconds with TW88xx Display Processors.
  • EFFICIENCY: Improve power efficiency by 5% with highly efficient Synchronous Regulators.
  • CONNECTIVITY: Get end-to-end, bi-directional communication with enhanced SerDes video links.
  • AFFORDABILITY: Eliminate costly CAN transceivers with proprietary cell-balancing diagnostic communications system.

Selection Guide

Automotive Product Selection Guide Automotive Product Selection Guide

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Jan 2016

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