Automotive ICs

Intersil has invested in key technologies to address the current mega trends within the automotive market such as environment, safety, information and affordability. This effort has resulted in leadership positions in high performance power conversions, state-of-the-art precision analog, cell balancing and battery charging ICs, power-efficient class D audio amplifiers, and highly flexible TFT display controllers. 

Intersil offers both standard and AEC-Q100 qualified products for automotive applications. 

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Four ways Intersil makes cars smarter

  • SAFETY: See behind your car within 500 milliseconds with TW88xx Display Processors.
  • EFFICIENCY: Improve power efficiency by 5% with highly efficient Synchronous Regulators.
  • CONNECTIVITY: Get end-to-end, bi-directional communication with enhanced SerDes video links.
  • AFFORDABILITY: Eliminate costly CAN transceivers with proprietary cell-balancing diagnostic communications system.
automotive display and infotainment

Video and Display

Intersil has one of the largest portfolios of video semiconductor solutions for automotive infotainment display applications. As a pioneer in this market, we have leveraged our extensive mixed signal video and display processing expertise to create unique and robust IC products specifically tailored to the requirements of the automotive display market.

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automotive power and analog

Power and Analog

From single to multiple core embedded processors to GPUs and FPGAs, Intersil has a wealth of power experience to deliver versatile and efficient power solutions for your next Infotainment, Navigation or Telematics platform. Today Intersil offers a rapidly expanding range of DC/DC controllers and regulators, ambient light sensors, USB switches, and 12V switches, offering the best in features, performance, efficiency and size.

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automotive grade li-ion battery management

Battery Management Solutions (BMS)

Intersil's automotive grade li-ion BMS and safety monitoring solutions are specifically designed to meet the stringent safety, reliability and performance requirements of next generation Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV), Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) and Electric Vehicle (EV) applications.

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Featured Products

TW9984 4-Channel Video Decoder and Encoder

Intersil's TW9984 raises the bar on 360-degree surround image quality in advanced driver assistance systems with its four-channel analog video decoder and built-in analog video encoder. More »

ISL78692: Li-ion/Li-Polymer Battery Charger

Single-cell battery charger dissipates lower leakage current than competing solutions, allowing backup batteries to stay charged for longer periods of time. More »

ISL78268: New Buck Controller for High Current Designs

Intersil's new 55V ISL78268 buck controller provides high step-down efficiency to support 12, 24, or 48 volt high current buck requirement for automotive and industrial applications. More »

TW8836: Highly Integrated LCD Controller

Industry's fastest-booting LCD Controllers let you see what's behind your car in less than 500 milliseconds. More »

New Products: Automotive ICs

  • TW9984
    4-Channel Video Decoder and Video Encoder for Automotive Applications
  • ISL78692
    Li-ion/Li-Polymer Battery Charger
  • ISL78268
    55V Synchronous Buck Controller with Integrated 3A Driver
  • TW8834
    LCD Video Processor with Built-in Decoder, LVDS and TTL Inputs, BT.656 Output, and LVDS Panel Interface
  • ISL78113A
    Low Input Voltage and High Efficiency Synchronous Boost Converter with 1.3A Switch
  • ISL78236
    Dual 3A Current Sharing 2.5MHz High Efficiency Synchronous Buck Regulator

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Automotive Products

Automotive Products
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