Voltage References

Intersil offers a wide range of precision voltage references in both FGA™ and Band-gap technology.

Intersil's revolutionary Floating Gate Array™ (FGA™) voltage reference circuits are not dependent on the voltage produced by a silicon junction. FGA technology produces extraordinary accurate and stable reference voltages by storing a precise charge on a floating gate cell that is essentially unaffected by external influences such as variation in temperature, input voltage, and time. Standard voltage reference performance is pushed to unprecedented highs with a portfolio of products that feature the highest accuracy and stability in the industry–and at power consumption that is undeniably the lowest in the industry.

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Product Family Description
ISL21007 Precision, Low Noise FGA™ Voltage References
ISL21009 High Voltage Input Precision, Low Noise FGA™ Voltage References
ISL21010 Micropower Voltage Reference
ISL21060 Precision, Low Noise FGA™ Voltage References
ISL21070 25μA Micropower Voltage References
ISL21080 300nA NanoPower Voltage References
ISL21090 Ultra Low Noise, Precision Voltage Reference
ISL60002 Precision Low Power FGA™ Voltage References
X60003 Precision SOT-23 FGA™ Voltage References

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ISL21010: Micropower Voltage Reference

The ISL21010 is a precision, low dropout micropower bandgap voltage reference in a SOT-23 package. It operates from a single 2.2V to 5.5V supply and provides ±0.2% accurate reference. More »


ISL21090: Ultra Low Noise, Precision Voltage Reference

The ISL21090 is a ultra low noise, high DC accuracy precision voltage ref with input voltage range from 4.7V to 36V. It achieves sub 2μVP-P 0.1Hz noise with an initial voltage accuracy of 0.02%. More »


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