Voltage References

Intersil offers a wide range of precision series voltage references with in both FGA™ and Band-gap technology.

Intersil's revolutionary FGA™ (Floating Gate Array) voltage references are not dependent on the voltage produced by a silicon junction. FGA technology produces extraordinary accurate and stable reference voltages by storing a precise charge on a floating gate cell that is essentially unaffected by external influences such as variation in temperature, input voltage, and time. Standard voltage reference performance is pushed to unprecedented highs with a portfolio of products that feature the highest accuracy and stability in the industry - and at power consumption that is undeniably the lowest in the industry.

Intersil also offers high performance voltage reference using industry standard band-gap technology.

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Family Description
ISL21007 Low Voltage Inputs (FGA Vref)
ISL21009 High Voltage Inputs (FGA Vref)
ISL21010 Low Cost (Bandgap Vref)
ISL21060 Low Noise (FGA Vref)
ISL21070 Low Cost (FGA Vref)
ISL21080 Low Cost (FGA Vref)
ISL21090 High Voltage Inputs (Bandgap Vref)
ISL60002 Low Voltage Inputs (FGA Vref)
X60003 High Voltage Inputs (FGA Vref)


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ISL21010: Micropower Voltage Reference

The ISL21010 is a precision, low dropout micropower bandgap voltage reference in a SOT-23 package. It operates from a single 2.2V to 5.5V supply and provides a ±0.2% accurate reference. More »


ISL21090: Ultra Low Noise, Precision Voltage Reference

The ISL21090 is a ultra low noise, high DC accuracy precision voltage ref with input voltage range from 4.7V to 36V. It achieves sub 2μVP-P 0.1Hz noise with an initial voltage accuracy of 0.02%. More »


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