12-Bit, 1MSPS SAR ADCs

Typical Diagram

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Key Features

    • Drop-in Compatible with AD7450
    • Differential Input
    • Simple SPI-compatible Serial Digital Interface
    • Guaranteed No Missing Codes
    • 1MHz Sampling Rate
    • 3V or 5V Operation
    • Low Operating Current
      • 1.25mA at 833kSPS with 3V Supplies
      • 1.7mA at 1MSPS with 5V Supplies
    • Power-down Current between Conversions: 1μA
    • Excellent Differential Non-Linearity
    • Low THD: -83dB (typ)
    • Pb-Free (RoHS Compliant)
    • Available in SOIC and MSOP Packages


The ISL267450 is a 12-bit, 1MSPS sampling SAR-type ADC with a differential input span of 2*VREF volts. The ISL267450 features excellent linearity over supply and temperature variations and is drop-in compatible with the AD7450. The device can operate from a supply voltage of either 5V or 3V and maintain measurement accuracy with input signals up to the supply rails.

The serial digital interface is SPI compatible and is easily interfaced to popular FPGAs and microcontrollers. Power dissipation is 9.0mW at a sampling rate of 1MSPS, and just 5μW between conversions utilizing Auto Power-Down mode (with a 3V supply).

The ISL267450 is available in 8 Ld SOIC or MSOP packages, and are specified for operation over the Industrial temperature range (–40°C to +85°C).


    • Remote Data Acquisition
    • Battery Operated Systems
    • Industrial Process Control
    • Energy Measurement
    • Data Acquisition Systems
    • Pressure Sensors
    • Flow Controllers


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