Ultra Low Power Broadband 8 to 14-Bit
Data Acquisition Platform
ISLA112P50/55210EV1Z Evaluation Daughter Board

New Evaluation Board Featuring Intersil's High Performance Amplifier (ISL55210)
Driving Intersil's High Performance, Low Power 500MSPS 12bit ADC (ISLA112P50)  
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High Speed A/D Evaluation Board

Quickly Evaluate the Amplifier/Filter/ADC Signal Chain's Total Performance in your Application

Mating to Intersil's ADC KMB-001LEVALZ motherboard, this amplifier + ADC daughterboard provides a 100kHz to 100Mhz flat data acquisition channel requiring only 200mVpp (-10dBm) full scale input signal. It interfaces directly with Intersil's proven ADC analysis Konverter software. Typically consuming <680mW in the amplifier + ADC, this example design also offers a starting point for customizing this board to specific end equipment requirements.

The input transformers, amplifier gain, and interstage filter design can be tuned for a given application, allowing a user to try different circuit configurations to evaluate performance tradeoffs. In addition, the 12-bit 500MSPS ADC can be swapped out for any of the 20 pin compatible ADCs from the Intersil low power ADC family. These low power ADC's span the 8- to 14-bit range with max sample rates from 125MSPS to 500MSPS. 

Application Note AN1725 describes the circuit and operation of this board in detail showing typical measurements and modification options.

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Measured FFT Performance (95MHz input at 500MSPS)

SNR = 64.8dBFS
SFDR =80dB at -1dBFS
ADC power = 498mW 

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High Speed Data Converters
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