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From basic building-blocks to highly-integrated innovative solutions, Intersil offers a wide range of video products. Video amplifiers, multiplexers, crosspoints, and sync separators form a solid foundation for analog video, while the fully-automatic ISL5960x MegaQ family of adaptive equalizers for catx or coax cables exemplifies the state-of-the-art mixed-signal solutions.

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TW9992: Automotive Video Decoder with MIPI-CSI2 Output Interface

The TW9992 analog video decoder features an integrated MIPI-CSI2 output interface and takes both single-ended and differential composite video inputs from a vehicle's backup safety camera. More »

TW9984 4-Channel Video Decoder and Encoder

Intersil's TW9984 raises the bar on 360-degree surround image quality in advanced driver assistance systems with its four-channel analog video decoder and built-in analog video encoder. More »

TW8836: Highly Integrated LCD Controller

Industry's fastest-booting LCD Controllers let you see what's behind your car in less than 500 milliseconds. More »

TW9966: 4-Channel Analog Video Decoder with Built-in Encoder

Single-chip decoder/encoder delivers best-in-class, 360° surround image from multiple video sources. More »

New Products: Audio & Video

  • ISL98611A
    High Efficiency Display Power and LED Driver for Smart Phones
  • ISL78171
    6-Channel, 50mA Automotive LED Driver with Ultra-high Dimming Ratio and Phase Shift Control
  • TW6874
    Quad (SD/HD) SDI Receiver with Adaptive Equalizer, VC-2 Decoder and Audio CODEC
  • TW9992
    Low Power NTSC/PAL Video Decoder with Differential CVBS Inputs and MIPI-CSI2 Output Interface
  • TW9984
    4-Channel Video Decoder and Video Encoder for Automotive Applications
  • ISL98608
    High Efficiency Power Supply for Small Size Displays

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