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Intersil offers premier line drivers with the highest level of performance and reliability, designed to transmit high fidelity broadband signals across twisted pair, power lines, and coaxial cables. The product family includes ADSL, VDSL and PLC line drivers. The DSL line drivers cover both central office (CO) and customer premise equipment (CPE) applications. The PLC line drivers are commonly used in broadband home plug (P1901), and applications.

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ISL1561: Fixed Gain Dual Port Class-G Differential xDSL Line Driver

The ISL1561 is a fixed gain dual port class-G differential amplifier designed for driving full rate ADSL2+ and VDSL2 signals at very low power dissipation. More »


ISL1591: Fixed Gain, Dual Port, VDSL2 Line Driver

The ISL1591 provides 4 internal wideband op amps intended to be used as two pairs of fixed gain differential line drivers. The ISL1591’s high bandwidth, and ultra low distortion enables the support of VDSL2 8b, 17a, and 30a in central office modem applications. More »


New Products: Line Drivers

  • ISL1533A
    Dual Channel Differential DSL Line Driver
  • ISL15100
    Single Port, PLC Differential Line Driver
  • ISL15110
    PLC MIMO Line Driver
  • ISL1561
    Fixed Gain Dual Port Class-G Differential xDSL Line Driver
  • ISL1550
    Single Port, VDSL2 Differential Line Driver
  • ISL1591
    Fixed Gain, Dual Port, VDSL2 Line Driver

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