Dual Micropower, Chopper Stabilized, RRIO Operational Amplifier

Typical Diagram

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Key Features

    • Low Input Offset Voltage: 6µV, Max.
    • Low Offset Drift: 0.05µV/°C, Max.
    • Quiescent Current (Per Amplifier): 18µA, Typ.
    • Single Supply Range: +1.65V to +6.0V
    • Dual Supply Range: ±0.825V to ±3.0V
    • Low Noise (0.01Hz to 10Hz): 1.0µVP-P, Typ.
    • Rail-to-Rail Inputs and Output
    • Input Bias Current: 180pA, Max.
    • Operating Temperature Range: -40°C to +125°C


The ISL28233 and ISL28433 are dual and quad micropower, chopper stabilized operational amplifiers that are optimized for single and dual supply operation from 1.65V to 6.0V and ±0.825V to ±3.0V. Their low supply current of 18µA and wide input range enable the ISL28233, ISL28433 to be excellent general purpose op amps for a wide range of applications. The ISL28233 and ISL28433 are ideal for handheld devices that operate off 2 AA or single Li-ion batteries.

The ISL28233 is available in 8 Ld MSOP, 8 Ld SOIC and 8 Ld DFN packages. The ISL28433 is available in 14 Ld TSSOP, 14 Ld SOIC and 14 Ld 3mmx4mm TDFN packages. All devices operate over the temperature range of -40°C to +125°C.


    • Bi-Directional Current Sense
    • Temperature Measurement
    • Medical Equipment
    • Electronic Weigh Scales
    • Precision/Strain Gauge Sensor
    • Precision Regulation
    • Low Ohmic Current Sense
    • High Gain Analog Front Ends


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