PowerCompass Help

Getting Started

To use the PowerCompass™ tool, download the file to your local computer, and open the file.

If you see a warning bar saying "Security Warning: Macros have been disabled", tap the Enable Content button.

The PowerCompass tool will automatically check to see if updates are available. If your version is out of date, visit intersil.com/powercompass to download the latest version. You can also force the tool to check for updates by tapping the Check for Updates Now button on the Start Here tab within the tool.

Multi-Load Configurator

Quick Start

The Multi-Load Configurator allows the user to configure a complete power map of their system in three simple steps.

  1. Enter your available Power Rail specifications.
  2. Select a source rail for your output using the drop-down box. This source rail can either be a system rail or an output of another regulator.
  3. Enter your output regulator specifications as needed.
  4. Tap Find Parts to see results

Additional Functionality

  • Select from over 200 pre-loaded designs using the drop-down list at the top of the tool
  • Limit results by Solution Type (Mixed, Analog, Analog Integrated FET, Analog Module, Digital, Digital Integrated FET, or Digital Module)
  • Sort results by Closest Spec Match or Price
  • Limit the number of results per Topology (5–20)
  • Filter solution results further with additional filters
  • Rename input rails and outputs to match system names
  • Save and load user design configurations
  • Visually indicate sequencing requirements of the regulator outputs
  • Automatically generate a block diagram color-coded by system input rail
  • Define output regulator requirements such as LDO or synchronization
  • Keep track of power requirements at each input rail and output regulator by using the overall Assumed Minimum Efficiency, which can be adjusted as needed

Generate Summary Analysis

Once you have a list of parts, you can then select up to 5 parts per output to compare efficiency.

  1. Tap the checkboxes for the parts you want to select (up to 5 for each output)
  2. Tap the "Perform Summary Analysis on Selected Parts" button under the "Find Parts" button

Be patient! This analysis can take some time to process, but when it's finished, you'll get a system analysis overview to help you fine tune your design.

Refine System Settings and Compare Parts

From the Summary Analysis tab, you can use the radio buttons to select one part per output, and see it added to the global summary at the top of the page. For each output, you can change the default values for Light Load, Typical Load and Max Load to best represent the system you are designing for.

Generate Reference Design

Once you have chose the devices that best work for your system, you can generate a reference design based on your settings. Note: products that are schematic enabled are highlighted in blue on the main configurator screen.

  1. Tap the Generate Reference Design button at the top of the page
  2. Log in (or register if you don't have an account) on the intersil.com web page that opens
  3. Name your project and follow the prompts

Your custom reference design files will be emailed to the email address listed on your intersil.com account. This email will also contain a link where you can download the files.

Part Selector

The Part Selector tool allows you to take a BOM (bill of materials) of power parts and quickly generate a list of comparable Intersil parts. The tool compares the parametric data of competitor devices and Intersil devices, and presents a logically sorted listed of which Intersil devices perform the same function as the competitor devices.

The Part Selector graphically highlights each device parameter on the corresponding Intersil devices to quickly show which devices are As Good, Better, Near Spec or Outside Spec limits so you can quickly make decisions on the best fit parts for your needs.

  1. Navigate to the Part Selector tab within PowerCompass
  2. Use the drop-down menu to select a competitor part from the listing
  3. If you don't have a competitor part, you can manually enter your specs
  4. Click on the part number to visit the product web page for that part

The competitor parametric data specs will be loaded into the top of the page, and the best case matches are shown in the lower area of the page. Results are displayed based on how well they match the competitor device.

Manual Input 

If you don't have a competitor part, or you simply want to enter the specs manually, you can easily do so.

  1. Click on the Manual Input tab, or select "{{ Manual Input}}" from the drop-down menu in the Part Selector tool
  2. Enter your specifications into the fields. Note: if you do not need a min/max range for VIN or VOUT, simply enter the same value for both fields
  3. Optional: The tool will recommend a topology based on your inputs. If you want to override the recommended topology, choose from the Seelct Topology drop-down to limit results to particular device types (analog power module, buck converter, etc.)
  4. If you would like for Intersil to consider adding these specifications to the tool, tap the "Send Request for Part to be Added to Database" button
  5. Tap the Show Results button to see your results displayed in the Part Selector