Limited Edition 2016 Snowflake Ornament

Reference Design Board

Winter is upon us in the Northern hemisphere and temperatures will soon be well below freezing in most places. Are your power and analog components up for the test?

Intersil is ready for the cold with a full lineup of power and analog components spec’d to operate down to -40 °C (in fact, we might consider changing our name to Wintersil).

Just in time for the holidays, you can get a Limited Edition 2016 Snowflake Ornament reference design to celebrate. This ornament is up for the challenge of hanging on a tree from Fargo, ND to Helsinki, Finland.

Limited Edition Intersil Snowflake Ornament

Want your own Limited Edition
2016 Snowflake Ornament?

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Facing the challenge of designing a product that must operate in extreme cold conditions? Check out our full lineup power supply and analog components designed to withstand the industrial temperature range.

Let it Power, Let it Sense, Let it Glow!

The ornament has a series of LEDs that fade on and off in an eye-pleasing pattern and plays the familiar song “Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow” via a small buzzer when the button on the back of the board is pressed.

Intersil snowflake ornament plays Let it Snow

The brightness of the LEDs adjust to the ambient light in the room in order to keep the brightness appropriate to the surroundings. Additionally, there is a low-battery detect feature as well as a 4 hour time-out alert to remind the user to turn off the ornament and avoid depleting the batteries.

Intersil snowflake ornament with LEDs

The ornament is powered by two AAA batteries and is light-weight enough to prominently hang on a tree via a hole at the top of the ornament with the included ribbon.

Intersil snowflake ornament powered by two AAA batteries

Intersil has a diverse portfolio of products for broad market applications. From power management to precision analog and specialty ICs, we provide plenty of design options.

Take a look at our most popular products below!

Product Page Description Datasheet
ISL80030/A/31/A 5V, 3A High Efficiency, Highly Integrated Sync Buck Regulators isl80030-30a-31-31a.pdf
ISL8018 5V, 8A High Efficiency Sync Buck Regulator isl8018.pdf
ISL85003/A 18V, 3A Reliable and Easy-to-Use Sync Buck Regulators isl85003-a.pdf
ISL8541x 40V Sync Buck Regulators isl85415.pdf
ISL8117/A 60V, 30A Step-Down Sync Buck Controllers isl8117.pdf
ISL8202M/03M/05M 3A/5A, High Efficiency Power Modules isl8202m.pdf
ISL80510/05* 6V, 1A LDO with Best-in-Class Dropout and Transient Performance isl80510.pdf
HIP2103/04 60V Half- and Full-Bridge Drivers hip2103-04.pdf

* = Device on snowflake

Product Page Description Datasheet
ISL91127* Buck-Boost Regulator for Low-Voltage, Battery-Operated Systems isl91127ir.pdf
ISL9120 Buck-Boost Regulator for Wearables and Other Mobile Devices isl9120ir.pdf
ISL9238/A Buck-Boost Battery Charger for USB-C 1- to 4-Cell Batteries isl9238-38a.pdf

* = Device on snowflake

Product Page Description Datasheet
ISL94203 Highly Integrated Battery Pack Monitor isl94203.pdf
ISL28022/23/25 Digital Current Sense and Voltage Monitors isl28022.pdf
ISL3333xE, ISL3335xE Two-Port, Dual Protocol RS-485/RS-422 Tx isl33354e-57e.pdf
ISL3159E/79E Fastest, Most Reliable and Smallest RS-485/RS-422 Tx isl3159e.pdf
ISL2853x/63x 5V Programmable Gain Instrumentation Amplifiers isl28533-534-535-633-634-635.pdf
ISL60002* Precision Low Power FGA™ Voltage References isl60002.pdf
ISL28915* Nano Power, Push/Pull Output Comparator isl28915.pdf

* = Device on snowflake

Product Page Description Datasheet
ISL681xx Digital Multiphase PWM Controllers with AVSBus and Synthetic Current Control Select Datasheets »
ISL6820x Easy-to-Use DC/DC Controllers with PMBus Interface isl68200.pdf
ISL99227 60A Smart Power Stage (SPS) isl99227-27b.pdf
Product Page Description Datasheet
ISL29102* Low Power Light-to-Voltage Optical Sensor isl29102.pdf

* = Device on snowflake