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The increased amount of data and video being transmitted via the cloud has placed huge bandwidth and power demands on the entire infrastructure market. More than ever, designers need a power partner with the expertise to improve their system’s efficiency and simplify the design process.

About Intersil Networking & Communications

Intersil’s comprehensive portfolio of digital power management DC/DC controllers and power modules are designed to provide best-in-class efficiency and help streamline the design process. Our family of digital power products include both full digital control loop and hybrid digital solutions, configurable using Intersil’s PowerNavigator™ software. Our power modules are complete, fully encapsulated power solutions built on copper frames using the latest packaging technology to deliver superior thermal performance.

Also available are highly-integrated isolated and non-isolated solutions that address every stage of the power chain from high-voltage AC input, AC/DC converters, and DC/DC converters and regulators. In addition to power conversion, Intersil also provides a wide range of housekeeping functions such as sequencing, monitoring, failure detection and fault protection to improve system reliability and reduce down time.

Reference & Evaluation Platforms

The ISL8273MEVAL1Z evaluates the performance of the ISL8273M, a step-down PMBus compliant digital power module.
The ISL8117EVAL1Z and ISL8117EVAL2Z eval boards evaluate the performance of the ISL8117, a 60V high voltage synchronous buck controller.
The ISL8117DEMO1Z and ISL8117DEMO2Z demo boards demonstrate the performance of the ISL8117, a 60V high voltage synchronous buck controller.
ISL28130ISENSEV1Z, ISL28133CSENSEV1Z and ISL28134ISENSEV1Z eval boards are designed for low side bi-directional current sensing up to 10A of current.
Videos & Resources
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