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Intersil continues to offer high-performance analog and mixed-signal processing solutions for the instrumentation market. Our family of high-speed analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) offers unparalleled performance and significant power reduction over competitive devices, consuming as little as one-third the power.

Reference & Evaluation Platforms

The ISL8018DEMO1Z is intended for use by individuals with requirements for point-of-load...
The ISL85410, ISL85418 and ISL85415 wide VIN low quiescent current high-efficiency...
The ISL8203M is a complete, dual step-down power module with integrated PWM controller,...
The ISL8022EVAL1Z and ISL8022EVAL2Z kits are intended for use by individuals with...
Videos & Resources
ISL8018 8A Synchronous Buck Regulator Webinar
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Learn more about the ISL8018 synchronous buck regulator and how to...
ISL80510/05 High Performance LDO Regulators
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Intersil’s single-output low drop-out voltage (LDO) regulators deliver...
ISL80510/05 Linear Regulators Webinar
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This webinar will give you a brief overview of the features and...
Analog 101 Webinar
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This webinar provides an introductory technical overview of Intersil's...
ISL8002B 2A Synchronous Buck Regulator Webinar
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Learn about the ISL8002B 2A synchronous buck (step-down) regulator in this...
ISL8203M Dual 3A/Single 6A Power Module Webinar
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ISL8203M includes a PWM controller, synchronous switching MOSFETs,...
ISL2853x/63xEV2Z Evaluation Kit Demo
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The ISL2853x/63xEV2Z board allows simple evaluation of the ISL2853x and...
Current Sense Amp with ISL28634 Programmable In Amp
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Learn how the ISL28634 instrumentation amplifier is capable of being...
ISL8541x Load Regulation
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See the outstanding load regulation performance of Intersil's new family...

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Power Management Quick Selection Guide Power Management Quick Selection Guide

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