Intersil's computing solutions come from a rich history of PC power management innovation to offer intelligence, mobility and true energy efficiency to the latest systems and devices. Our digital power platform is driving innovation to meet the demands of today’s most complex power system designs.

Reference & Evaluation Platforms

The ISL8273MEVAL1Z evaluates the performance of the ISL8273M, a step-down PMBus compliant digital power module.
The ISL8016CIR1EVAL1Z evaluation board evaluates the performance of the ISL8016 low quiescent high efficiency synchronous buck regulator, and is...
ZL8801-2PH-DEMO1Z and ZL8801-4PH-DEMO1Z demonstrate the ZL8801 dual-phase PMBus ChargeMode control DC/DC digital controller.
The ISL8240MEVAL3Z and ISL8240MEVAL4Z eval boards evaluate the ISL8240M dual 20A/single 40A step-down switching mode DC/DC analog power module.
Videos & Resources
ISL8018 8A Synchronous Buck Regulator Webinar
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Learn more about the ISL8018 synchronous buck regulator and how to...
ISL80510/05 High Performance LDO Regulators
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Intersil’s single-output low drop-out voltage (LDO) regulators deliver...
ISL80510/05 Linear Regulators Webinar
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This webinar will give you a brief overview of the features and...
ISL8273M: First Encapsulated 80A Digital Power Module
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Intersil’s newest addition to our digital power module family, the 80A...

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Power Management Quick Selection Guide Power Management Quick Selection Guide

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