Half Bridge 500VDC Driver

Typical Diagram

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Key Features

    • Maximum Rating 500V
    • Ability to Interface and Drive N-Channel Power Devices
    • Floating Bootstrap Power Supply for Upper Rail Drive
    • CMOS Schmitt-Triggered Inputs with Hysteresis and Pull-Down
    • Up to 400kHz Operation
    • Single Low Current Bias Supply
    • Latch-Up Immune CMOS Logic
    • Peak Drive Up to 2.0A
    • Gate Drive Rise Time (+125°C) <25ns (Typ)


The HIP2500 is a high voltage integrated circuit (HVIC) optimized to drive N-Channel MOS gated power devices in half bridge topologies. It provides the necessary control for PWM motor drive, power supply, and UPS applications. The SD pin allows external shutdown of gate drive to both upper and lower gate outputs. Undervoltage lockout will not allow gating when the bias voltage is too low to drive the external switches into saturation.

The HIP2500IP is pin and function compatible to the International Rectifier IR2110. The HIP2500 has superior ability to accept negative voltages from the VS pin to the COM pin due to forward recovery of the lower flyback diode.

The HIP2500IB is a SOIC or small outline IC form of the HIP2500. The HIP2500IB drives high side and low side referenced power switches just like the HIP2500IP.

The HIP2500IP1 is a 16 lead Plastic DIP form of the HIP2500. Pins 4 and 5 removed from lead frame to provide extra creepage and strike distances in high voltage applications. Please see Application Note AN9010 for more information.


    • High Frequency Switch-Mode Power Supply
    • Induction Heating and Welding
    • Switch Mode Amplifiers
    • AC and DC Motor Drives
    • Electronic Lamp Ballasts
    • Battery Chargers
    • UPS Inverters
    • Noise Cancellation in Amplifier Systems


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