FPGA Reference Design Generator

FPGA Reference Design Generator

The FPGA Reference Design Generator app helps you find the Intersil power management part that best fits the need of your design. Simply select the FGPA vendor and platform​, and input your current requirements. Select your backplane(s) and the type of solution(s) you need, and get detailed support files:

  • Block Diagram
  • Schematic (PDF and OrCad source files)
  • BOM (Excel file)
  • Read Me (with instructions for modifying the solution if needed).

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Quick Start

​Step 1

​Select the FPGA vendor. New vendors will be added as solutions are available.

​Step 2

Select the FPGA platform. Additional platforms will be added as solutions are available.

Step 3

​Input your power rails. The standard FPGA values are provided for reference. Simply enter the current value for VCCINT and VCCBRAM.

Step 4

​Choose your backplane and type of solution you'd like to use. You must choose at least one backplane and at least one solution type.

Once you click Generate Designs, you'll see a list of the solutions that match the design criteria you entered. You can download the files to your computer or network drive, or email them to yourself or others.

You can click the pencil icon next to each step to change the settings, orchoose Start Over to start back at the beginning. If you see Update Available in the top right corner, click on that link to download the latest software and/or the latest vendors and platforms.

Need Help?

Trouble Emailing Files

If you're having trouble emailing files, you may need to set a default email application:

  1. From the Windows Start Menu > choose Control Panel > then Default Programs
  2. Click on Set Default Programs
  3. From the listing of default programs in the left column, click on Mail, then Choose Defaults for this Program
  4. Make sure that both checkboxes are selected:
  5. Screen shot showing how to set the default mail program

  6. Click Save and Exit the Control Panel window.
  7. You may need to restart the application.

Installation Issues

  • We suggest using the default location to install the software. Changing the install location may cause trouble downloading files from within the application.
  • The software does not run automatically after installing. Click on the Start Menu to run the software.
  • Note that the first time you open the application, the system will download the files needed, which may take a while, depending on your Internet connection. Once the files are downloaded, the application will open automatically.

Other Issues

If you're still having issues, or if you would like to suggest features, please email fpga@intersil.com.

Need to find the right part for your FPGA?

We also offer matrix tables to help you find the part you need.